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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fandemic Summer Sessions - Area 31 San Antonio,TX

Summer Sessions
Thursday, June 2nd at Area 31 - San Antonio, TX



Miss Genafire - Promo Mix (Fall 2010) by Miss Genafire

Progressive House Episode 3 by HYPNO5IS





Fandemic is an interactive phone application that brings out the live music lover in you, the fans and artists. It has two main purposes:
 First: to provide a platform for bands, musicians, D.J.’s, and anybody wanting to promote their live music can do so on a nationwide phone app. This will be the most economical way and easiest way to promote themselves and continue generating a fan base. Simply tell everyone about Fandemic. Fandemic provides that bridge that often neglected with the local talent. Fandemic is for ALL music genres and ALL age levels. Fandemic is for the live music lover in us all. There is something about being at live music events that everyone knows, but cannot always explain. There is that magical connection that happens while a fan listens to an amazing artist work play at the craft that they have such a passion for. We, at Fandemic want reach everyone and we believe that everyone should share in this experience.

Second: to provide an easy channel that to the live music lover. How often have you wanted to go and listen to live jazz music, but didn’t know where to go? Heard about a local band, but could never find their website or where they were playing at? Travelled to different cities and just wanted to enjoy the night with some live music of your choosing, but thought it was too difficult because you didn’t know the city? How many times have you just forgotten about a local performance you wanted to see? Fandemic provides that one stop resource where fans can find live music on a user friendly application. Fandemic will quench that thirst to hear more music, that desire to listen to different bands because they know where they’re playing, and let fans continue to support their favorite local acts.

·      Allows bands to create simple profiles to stay connected to fans and their shows
·      Allows bands, D.J’s, and all music acts, to post future performance locations
·      Provides musicians a platform to promote themselves on a national level
·      Provides a more convenient and efficient way for live music lovers to find their favorite- local acts
·      Allows for users to find different types of genres of music in their area or other cities
·      Provides directions to music events, bars, or venues,
·      Allows users to sync events to their calendars for easy reminders
Users can upload their favorites list to Facebook and Twitter


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