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Thursday, March 3, 2011

FANDEMIC! a NEW app for mobile devices

Would you be interested in being involved with an interactive phone application that brings out the music lover in you, the fans and artists. The app is called Fandemic and has been created by San Antonio locals. This app is scheduled to be released within the next month and has two main purposes, but not restricted to:

First: To provide a platform for bands, musicians, DJ's and anyone that wants to promote their live music can do so on a nationwide app.

Second: To provide an easy channel that can be accessed through one application via iphone, android, & windows based cellular devices.
How often have you wanted to go and listen to live jazz music, but didn’t know where to go? Heard about a local band, but could never find their website or where they were playing at? Travelled to different cities and just wanted to enjoy the night with some live music of your choosing, but thought it was too difficult because you didn’t know the city?

Fandemic provides that one stop resource where fans can find live music on a user friendly application.

Some features Include:
Allows bands to create simple profiles to stay connected to fans and their shows.
Allows DJ's & all music acts, to post future performance locations
Provides directions to music events, bars, or venues.
Allows users to sync events to their calendars for easy reminders!
Also upload their favorites list to Social Networking Sites.

If this is something you would like to be apart of, Please email me with a response along with an artist Picture, Bio, and a booking schedule (include venue name and address location) for the next two (2) months. Please respond back within this week as time is key right now! If you would more information about Fandemic, a meeting can be scheduled.

Also, a Launch Party is being scheduled at the moment and they are looking for local artists to take part. By taking part in Fandemic now, you will be notified about the Launch Party and possibly be asked to perform.


Roy J. Montez
(210) 744-6489

Personal Note: Who couldn't use an alternative resource to promote and network themselves or their band? I believe this app will be very responsive and very beneficial to us as artists. Lets jump on board.

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