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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

True Inspiration

Laidback Luke
This weekend i had the privilege to study, meet, and talk to my biggest inspiration for Djing. LBL is truly just that, "Laidback". His set in Dallas @ Lizard Lounge ::10.16.10:: was phenomenal! Everything that you would come to expect from Luke and more. Scratches, loops, hot cues, acapella, rolls & delays, and build ups with massive drops along with sweet vocals to smooth it out! This would be enough for anyone to take off their shirt and twist it around their head!!! *cough cough-Mario* :)

Truly an inspirational night. One in which will drive me to follow my dreams and never give up.  So much tallent and yet so humble and respectful. One can obviously see the passion he has for the music alone, and for that I thank you Luke.


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